Connecting on a personal level

February 15, 2017

KARL S Williams’s music aims to connect with the ‘‘universal soul’’.

This connection is clearly evident to those who see Karl perform live — an experience so emotionally charged that all are unavoidably drawn to it and uplifted.

Coming to music late, Karl (pictured right) picked up the guitar in the evenings while working on a coffee plantation in Northern New South Wales.

At this time he began to explore the blues, spirituality and work songs of the American south as a way to occupy his mind during the day’s labour.

He later traded farm work for a job in the city, which although easier on the body, wasn’t careful with his soul leaving him drained and in despair.

The situation, along with a fractious relationship that eventually left him homeless proved fertile ground for songwriting and emotionally raw performances.

Karl made a name for himself around Brisbane and the Gold Coast as a performer willing to expose the innards of his heart.

At the urging of his friends and fans, after 10 years he finally produced his debut album Heartwood in 2013.

This led to many opportunities including a packed Bigsound showcase, appearances at Woodford Folk Festival and national touring opportunities with Busby Marou and Darren Middleton.

He gained the attention of Footstomp Music who released a deluxe version of Heartwood in August 2014 containing several new recordings, allowing this humble work a chance to enter the hearts of Australia and the world.

His music reflects his life experiences and aims to connects with his audiences on an emotional level.

You can find Karl playing from 11.30am on Sunday.

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