Jazz Party to ‘bring it’

February 14, 2018

JAZZ Party’s mantra is loose, high-energy, uninhibited fun and creativity all to the sound of their multi-genre inspired jazz.

The band of eight have all been extensively involved in the music scene and have formed to produce Jazz Party which is true to its name in every way.

‘‘The band formed as an outlet for us,” lead singer Loretta Miller said.

“A few of us were in another band and we were intensely touring overseas and performing the same set list night after night.

“We needed to play our other stuff.

“(Saxophonist and subsequent founder) Darcy McNulty began a residence at this underground venue on a Monday night and I sang on the first night and eventually pushed myself into the band.”

What resulted from the Monday night residencies was a cult-like following which led to a lot of traction around Melbourne and ultimately paved the way for Jazz Party to release their debut album in late 2017, rightfully called Monday Night.

The group has found a huge base of support for their music and has played to stacks of crowds all across Melbourne and throughout the festival circuit.

“People aren’t necessarily exposed to our style but when they witness it and see it, I think we win them over,’’ Loretta said.

“We have a bit of an edge and we aren’t ashamed to be ourselves up there.

“The music speaks for itself. It’s interactive – we like people to get up and dance and yell.’’

Echoing the jazz greats from New Orleans, the group works seamlessly together and entwines R&B, boogie and blues into their jazz mix. The spellbounding voice of Loretta, mixed with enormous sound from the collection of instruments, is mesmerising on some tracks and entirely electrifying on others.

“We’re going to give what we’ve got, do what we do and bring what we bring,” Loretta said.

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