Gerard is a fair dinkum go, go Gomez

By Riverine Herald

THERE are three things Gomez would never do: lie to his wife, lie to his daughter. Or tell the truth to either one.

Fortunately for Gerard Oman, who plays the patriarch in Echuca-Moama Theatre Club’s production of The Addams Family, he is only keeping a secret from one woman.

Because he would never lie to his wife of 22 years, Amanda Oman.

‘‘Gomez and I are similar in that he would do anything for his children and never lie to his wife,’’ Gerard laughed.

The 50-year-old restaurant manager at Monkee and Co has spent the past six months preparing for his biggest and most impressive role to date.

And his unbelievable work ethic is sure to translate to the stage where he is is expected to blow audiences away come opening night on Friday, according to director Luke Westley.

‘‘Gerard’s commitment to the role has been outstanding, putting in hours of extra rehearsals and of course growing that famous Gomez moustache,’’ he said.

‘‘Gomez is one of the most complicated roles with pages and pages of lines, big fast-paced songs and some Spanish thrown in for fun.’’

Gerard said he had about 200 lines and nine or so songs to remember, as well as a tango, which had proven to be a big challenge.

‘‘This show has given me a chance to step outside my comfort zone and is a lot of hard work especially on my memory, plus the dancing is not so familiar to me,’’ he said.

‘‘The reward for the challenge is that I am able to become someone else albeit for a short time on stage.’’

It’s his seventh show with the company after performing his first ever show at the age of 44.

‘‘I was a late starter to the stage and six years later I have been fortunate to be a lead character, so it is never too late to learn something new,’’ he said.

Thankfully, Gerard relates well to Gomez, who is very similar to the father-of-two.

‘‘Gomez is a real family man who loves his children and his wife,’’ he said.

‘‘Being a husband and a father, it is easier to connect to the storyline as I know one day my girls will grow up and want to get married like Wednesday does in the show.

‘‘I have told my girls I would probably sing one of the songs in the show to them when this happens and they are mortified I will come good on this promise.’’

Gomez’s sense of humour is also left of field and most people would agree Gerard is a little eccentric.

‘‘The story is essentially about love and family and acceptance no matter how straight or weird you are,’’ he said.

‘‘Being from a large family (the youngest of eight kids), the older you get you realise how important family can be, even though they can be full of different weird and kooky personalities — there is a little bit of Addams in everyone.’’

As well as bringing a sense of fun and laughter to the show, Gerard said he hoped to reveal his sensitive side.

‘‘The iconic characters are a joy to play so hopefully everyone will get a few laughs and maybe a few tears while we take them on a ride about love, family and acceptance of differences,’’ he said.

‘‘The show has a lot of nostalgia attached to it and many people will remember the TV show and comic books and we certainly give a nod to both of these in the show. Hopefully it will transport some back to their childhood.’’

The Addams Family opens at the Paramount on Friday night and continues until June 1.

Tickets are on sale at the Paramount.