One show that’s really off the wall

By Riverine Herald

FOR the first time Echuca will play host to a night of the psychedelic wonder that is Pink Floyd.

Marking 40 years since the release of the iconic and career defining album The Wall, Australia’s largest scale Pink Floyd concept act Echoes of Pink Floyd will be taking to the Echuca stage.

Throughout Echoes of Pink Floyd’s performances they tell the story of the album and engage with the local community by inviting Suzanne’s School of Ballet choir on stage to perform the memorable Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 chorale section.

Lead vocalist Matt Goodluck is thrilled to be coming to Echuca for the first time and bringing the show to a new audience.

‘‘Many people love The Wall but they don’t know what it’s about so it’s our job to share it,’’ he said.

‘‘Without giving away too much – it’s a story of a rock star who goes through several traumatic events and to help protect himself he builds a metaphorical wall around himself. The album tells how he built the wall and explores his isolation and gradual descent into madness – but it has a happy ending.’’

The album evokes feelings everyone can relate to - loneliness, defensiveness and isolation.

The show will take you on a musical and visual journey which will see each track performed with authenticity, passion and accuracy. In addition, the show will provide insight into the complex and multi-layered themes behind The Wall, leaving audiences with not only a breathtaking concert experience, but also a deeper understanding of composer Roger Waters’ messages and motivation in writing this unforgettable musical masterpiece.

With a jam-packed show filled with the songs you know and love, the June 14 performance is not one you want to miss.

‘‘The Wall tells a story so performing the album gave me a license to be more theatrical,’’ Goodluck said.

‘‘When Pink Floyd was performing this record they had a multi-million dollar production which we don’t have so I really have to inject something else into it.

‘‘The whole band definitely has to inhabit our roles and think how they thought. We have to convey a message and people are expecting us to recreate what was on the album so there’s a certain amount of pressure.

‘‘People have told us when they close their eyes they’re transported to listening to the album – that’s when we know we’ve done our job.’’

Echoes of Pink Floyd will take to the Echuca Paramount stage on Friday, June 14. Tickets are available from echucaparamount.com or by phoning 5482 3399.