Logie was a lovely treat at bedtime

By Ivy Jensen

SCOTT Ryan was so sure he wouldn’t win a Logie, he didn’t even go to the awards ceremony.

Mind you, he was in the middle of filming season two of his new hit-series Mr Inbetween.

So last Sunday, he opted to watch the TV Week Logie Awards at his Sydney home, where it was announced he had won most outstanding actor for his portrayal of Ray Shoesmith in the six-part comedy-drama.

‘‘I thought I had no chance so it was quite a surprise,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s always good when people like what you do.

‘‘I had to be up early the next day for filming so I watched it lying in bed. Then I turned the TV off and went to sleep.’’

Scott needs as much sleep as he can get as he is working 14-hour days to get season two of the Australian television series which he wrote and stars in ready for its September premiere.

Scott stars as a hitman who juggles being a single dad with taking out the garbage on behalf of a shady figure in Sydney’s nightclub scene.

It’s a character he’s known for the most part of two decades; inspired by the 2005 feature film The Magician, which he also created, wrote and starred in.

‘‘I’ve done a lot of research on him, probably 20 years,’’ he said.

‘‘It took (director and producer) Nash Edgerton and I 12 to 13 years to get the show up and running.

‘‘The big reason why it didn’t happen earlier was because no-one wanted me to be in it.’’

Probably for good reason — Scott was a nobody. In fact, he had never studied acting or acted professionally in his life.

‘‘Nash stuck to his guns and didn’t want to do it unless I was in it. It’s kind of funny really,’’ Scott said.

It eventually paid off; Mr Inbetween premiering on FX in the US on September 25 last year, followed by Fox Showcase in Australia the next month.

His character has been described as a ‘‘laconic hired gun capable of both tenderness and unspeakable violence’’.

‘‘He’s a good bloke,’’ Scott said.

‘‘Soldiers kill people and they give them medals so that’s a bit hypocritical.

‘‘What this series does is show a different side to someone who would be normally thought of as a garbage human being.’’

Scott said training with Echuca Mixed Martial Arts between 2006 and 2017 helped him get into shape for the role, as he does his own stunts.

‘‘I trained with John Jenkins for a bunch of years before I moved up to Sydney to shoot season one,’’ he said.

Before the break came, he was delivering pizzas and driving cabs in Echuca.

‘‘Most of the scripts I wrote were in Echuca,’’ he said.

‘‘I really enjoyed Echuca and I’ve still got good mates there.

‘‘I always come back. It’s one of the first places I go when I come back to Victoria and I like to train there.’’

Plus, it helps to stay in shape because of his gruelling schedule.

‘‘I think people outside the industry think all we do is go to parties and have fun, but it’s incredibly hard work,’’ he said.

Mr Inbetween airs at 8.30pm Mondays on FOX Showcase.

Season two premieres on September 12.