Make your artistic dreams come true at Echuca art workshops

By Ivy Jensen

DO YOU love the great outdoors, have you ever romanticised about standing on top of a wattle-covered river bank, observing wallabies while they quietly sip the cool water?

You gaze over a tranquil river scene dressed in white linen, Chanel sunglasses pushed up over your brow, paint palette and brush in hand, elegantly dabbing here, dabbing there on your canvas, sipping a wine or taking tea, while your plein air tutor talks about the changing hues and reflections of the passing hours light?

Well stop dreaming because that picture can become a reality.

You could just wear an old paint shirt from the op shop, some sunnies from the servo with a bottle of H2O, it really doesn’t matter, the wonderful opportunity is the same.

The Foundry Art Space is hosting a combined exhibition and workshops by renowned plein air artist Ray Hill.

This colourful character will show you the basics of painting in the outdoors and get you going on your plein air journey.

An exhibition of Ray's artworks, including a display of completed paintings from his workshops, will be held at The Foundry Arts Space from October 11-27.

Opening night will be held at 6pm on October 18.

For information about the workshops, contact Ray on 0407 837 466 or The Foundry Arts Space on 0475 448 452, Facebook or Instagram at thefoundryartsspace.The Foundry Arts Space social event.

We would like to thank all our volunteers for their precious time they give and to invite you to our Blank Canvas gathering for Friends Of The Foundry at The Foundry, 13-17 Murray Esplanade, on Sunday, October 6 from 5pm.

There will be refreshments, finger food and a complementary new Foundry Arts Space bag for all attendees.

Volunteers and members are welcome to bring friends and we encourage you to consider volunteering for this wonderful fun community group.Arty-Fact: What is en plein air art?

En plein air is a French expression that means “in the open air" and refers to the act of painting outdoors.

Artists are able to capture the light and movement that can only come from being in the natural environment.

This is beautifully demonstrated by the masters of plein air art, Van Gogh, Renoir and Monet to name a few.

Although painting outdoors has been in existence since the early 1500s, it increased in popularity in the 1800s when paint in zinc roll tubes was invented in 1841 by John Goffe Rand.

Go creatively,

Dee Makeham