Mural Festival debut for Alicia Huddy

By Anna McGuinness

ALICIA Huddy is set to make her Rochester Mural Festival debut in a few weeks’ time.

Despite being new to the festival, Alicia has a strong connection to the town, originally from Lockington and attending Rochester Secondary School, where her dad currently teaches.

She describes her style as bold and vibrant and said we can expect something fun, colourful and little bit playful from her artwork.

As a part of the street art scene in Bendigo, where she lives, she has seen a lot of murals go up and said it is a cool thing to contribute to; however, this will be her first time competing in a festival.

“It’s nice coming home, I’ve been mentally preparing and getting my materials ready,” she said.

Alicia has combined the theme to bring together aspects from Rochester’s past, present and future and what comes to mind when she thinks of the town.

She said she typically reached for acrylic spray paint for larger murals so she was excited to switch to a brush and get stuck into it.

“I’m really eager to see how it all happens and meet the other artists and learning about how they approach murals and what techniques they use to complete their artwork,” she said.

“I’m sure I’ll ask every other artist there for advice at some point along the line — you can never learn too much but I’m pretty confident I can get it done in a week.”