Two people are better off than one | Crossroads

By Riverine Herald

SOMEWHAT recently I was preparing a message for a wedding where one of the verses chosen was 1 Corinthians 13, love is patient, love is kind…  I assume most of us would be somewhat familiar with the verse. It describes a beautiful, selfless love, and then ends with; “Love never ends.”

However, it appears to me that our culture suggests to us that love ‘does’ end, that it doesn’t last?

The love that’s portrayed to us on TV, or read about in novels is a head over heels type love, a puppy love that when boiled down is founded on feelings and lustful emotions.

We major on the glamor of love, but forget the small little details we’d rather not talk about, that in the end work towards strengthening and growing love.

I met my bride 12 years ago in WA, and I was smitten by her from the beginning. I remember the butterflies I felt each time I looked at her, and the countless nights we spent on the phone talking about nothing.

I remember our wedding day, and how gorgeous she looked. I remember all the parts of our relationship that make up our love.

But I also remember arguments we had, disagreements surrounding beliefs, or finances that we had to work through to resolve.

If I look back on 10 years of marriage I can see how she has loved me in such a way that has changed me for the better.

While our love does have feelings and emotions, there has without a doubt been days, where they were perhaps non-existent.

A verse from Bible reads; “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.”

Perhaps the ‘love never ending’ problem can be solved with that. “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.”

Perhaps the problem is our view of love. We view love as being ‘how they make me feel’ as opposed to being how we make them feel.

While love is filled with emotions and feelings, the commitment of love is based in a place where we know we are better together, with a focus on helping each other succeed.

This love is the story of the Bible. God made a commitment to humanity to love us — the question is will we reciprocate that love?

Because God loved humanity, he sent Jesus so that we could build a relationship with him, and through that relationship he could help us, lead us, forgive us, love us, so we could step into the life that he created us to live.

Why? Because we were created for relationship with God, because two are better off than one.

Not sure what that relationship looks like? Find a Bible and start reading. Find a church to engage with (it’s never been easier with churches moving to online services).

Search out a relationship with God because two are better than one.

Rob Wiltshire, Epicentre Church