Dare Devil racing takes to the river

By Andrew Johnston

SKI racing runs in the blood in this community.

So when the next generation is ready to take to the water, the one before it will be ready to step aside.

That's the story for Dare Devil racing, who today will take to their local course for the first time in the Barrie Beehag on the Murray River.

Driver Tony Fox who, along with observer Anthony Giddens, has been involved in the sport for some time. Fox invested in the new Dare Devil boat earlier this year with the goal of giving his family the opportunity to ski.

“I'd had a couple of years off, but the family wanted to have a crack at racing,” Fox said.

“My daughter Gemma (13) and her skiing partner Zoe McCallum (12) ski together in under 14s, while our daughter Sharmayn (9) is racing in tadpoles.

“It's a fantastic sport to be a part of, its a rare event where everyone in the family can be involved so it was something we were excited to be a part of.”

Gemma Fox - as well as partner McCallum - said their respective family connections were the motivating factor to take up the sport.

“Our family has been around the sport for a long time,” Fox said.

“It's always something that I've loved, so I decided I wanted to join in.”